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In every line there is a lesson... About The Invitation...

The Invitation: Teddy Bear Tea Party is a book about patience and faith. For children, waiting for anything seems endless. Atti, who is finally old enough to attend the annual Teddy Bear Tea Party, hasn’t received her invitation. Atti learns a valuable lesson in patience and faith. The Invitation is the first story of “The Teddy Bear Tea Party” Series. The book is colorful and easy to read for new readers. Recommended for ages 6 to 8.





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Founded in 2019,  Kind Kid Publications (KKP) was inspired by my grandson who has had a love for reading since he was a toddler. Beginning at an early age I began storytelling and enjoyed writing stories as well. As a kid I liked making up stories for my younger sister and brother. My gift of storytelling continued into adulthood. Once I had my own child, I became obsessed with Tea Parties and all things having to do with a “Princess”. Later I found that I had lots of characters running around in my head and they weren’t all girls. Thus, more stories were born involving girls and boys. Years later I retired, and my “Princess” blessed me with one fantastic grandson “Jayden” who at the age of 7 years old published his first book. Jayden who is an amazing kid, he is intelligent, creative, loving and a really kind kid. These characteristics were the final inspiration for the start of KKP. Since KKP’s inception several stories are in development. STAY TUNED!



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Kind Kid Publications is devoted to publishing stories that promote the life and times of brown children that includes powerful lessons. Our mission is to promote literacy by encouraging African American children to fall in love with reading. Further, we want our brown children to embrace their self-image, promote love of themselves and to build their confidence. We want each reader to engage their imagination while anticipating what will happen next with the turn of every page. Our books are written with all children in mind, however the main characters in our novels are brown. It’s time for our stories to be told from our point of view depicting our experiences and traditions. Every book has a message and a lesson to help the children navigate their world and the world around them. 



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